Build a community of investors

VertoTrack helps turn your investment “crowd” into a community. Contact us to learn how we can help turn your pool of investors into a powerful networking tool that streamlines data management and regulatory compliance.

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what is it ?

VertoTrack (inspired by the Latin for “Exchange”) is a cloud-hosted relationship management tool for private companies who have raised equity or debt from large numbers of people. It was designed by a team of industry professionals to help small to mid-size companies manage the information flow, recordkeeping, reporting, prospecting, and much more that comes after you have raised investment capital from dozens or hundreds of people.

what does it do ?

VertoTrack tracks comprehensive information for prospects and current and former investors. You can easily log and access not just transaction records and contact info, but also background, advisor andbroker relationships, documents, conversations, notes, and more. The program lets you send individual and group emails to your community of investors, create statements and reports, and helps you track offering. VertoTrack makes calculating dividends and interest payments a snap. Cloud-hosting and multi-level access also provides powerful security to help you safeguard investor privacy.


A spreadsheet can’t help you communicate with investors, create statements, track communication, documents, or background information. With more than a few investors and a few years of history, a spreadsheet will become more a burden than a tool. Until now, your main option was outsourcing to an accountant for several thousand dollars a year. And they probably use a spreadsheet too. VertoTrack was designed by professionals who manage millions of dollars in private investments with hundredsof investors per company. We know from experience what the data flow will be and we’ve designed an affordable and intuitive tool to turn the mountain of data and demands on your time into a tool to help you turn your investors into a community of supporters. VertoTrack is also designed to help you automate best practices for regulatory compliance.